My small, short answer to the timless question “Why?”


Would human beings create God? Or would God create human beings? Which one is more likely? 

Would a political system with no control over its people create and instill the idea of a God and divine consequences to harmonize society? (Early empires of the world)


Is this why the bible speaks more about hell than of heaven? Is it a big scare tactic?


Striving for goals we can not accomplish is an unrealistic task. This is what the bible expects. These “commandments” and do’s and don’ts just resound back to an empire that was upon societal perfection for its day. The Roman Empire was able to introduce God and keep people under control. This also would have been the best time in history to introduce such a concept as people were living in larger civilizations together and needed to be controlled.


Therefore striving to accomplish these goals of biblical nature or any religious nature for that matter become null, void and lies. Say we do not go to heaven or hell when we die. If this theory is embraced, than what else is there to prevent us from living a life of happiness in the definition that you create it for yourself? Not what some 66 chapters of some old moral code book would have it.


Why do angels in the bible carry swords, breast plate and shields?


If the bible was written today would they carry guns, kevlar and hand grenades?


There are stars that are millions of light years away. We can see the light from these stars on Earth. Than we say the earth is not millions of years old even though we are proven wrong every time we look at the night sky.


-The argument would be that God created light already on its path hitting earth.


If everything was created out of thin air 4,000 years ago or even 500,000 years ago we would still not be able to see these stars because the light from them would still be on its way traveling to Earth. However if evolution is true than this fact would still fit the theory?


Why would a loving God create this many holes in a story meant to save as many people as can be saved?


Wouldn’t making it more obvious work better for Gods plan?


If there was a mirror in space millions of light years away we could see the creation of earth by pointing a telescope and looking into it.



A parasite is aware enough to use resources to live and continue its life. Are we that different? It is a law of comparisons. There are stages of cognitive awareness. An atom, a cell, a parasite, a bacteria, a fly, a dog, a monkey, a human.


Humans are at the top of this. Does this make us more superior in a universal sense?


Human’s ideas of life and death and existence are egocentric in a way. This is because that’s the way are brains are programmed. This doesn’t mean it is accurate.


We think that we are so great and meaningful to something. (A superior being)


The Christian church used to think that the earth was the center of the universe, a geocentric model. When anyone introduced a heliocentric view refuting this they were said to be false and contrary to scripture. (Galileo)


The universe is so big that a human beings view of life, time and space can be related to a parasites view of its host. It knows enough. And that’s all. Only what it needs to survive. How than, are we any different than this, in regards to a law of comparisons.


Atoms lack senses to understand and comprehend in the same way humans do. We consider them simple organisms. They don’t even know we exist for the most part. But in the simplest sense they are living.


Why than are we so different than that. Who can say we don’t lack other senses that would open our eyes to greater bigger things. This is where are minds become finite and unable to comprehend any further. Similarly to a lesser organism and its own cut off point of understanding.

This theory raises the question “who is on the top”? Who is the most superior?  


It can be applied to all levels of understanding. We are Gods to atoms, parasites and our household pet. There knowledge and understanding of us is equal in comparison to our understanding of God or the next superior entity. Humans call this a divine or holy entity.



So much of the bible just sounds like Greek mythology. The book of Job says that Satan appeared under a sea of glass, which was the floor of heaven. He appeared before God. How could he have done this if the presence of the lord clears out all evil? So much of the bible is contradictory.


And the age old question, why would a holy loving God send anyone to an eternity of pain and suffering? Why cant we just die, be gone, and that’s the end. An eternal sleep. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere for an eternity. Not even the happiest point of my life.


Why wouldn’t early life 2,000 years ago come up with the idea of the bible and life after death to cope with death. After all it allows them to see loved ones again someday. This makes them feel better about the idea of “passing on”, rather than accepting the fact that “this is the end”.


If the idea of God, the Gospel, salvation and any other religion for that matter is proven wrong, than what is the point of living a guilty life of constant struggle and self oppression? At least a life of adding more religious guidelines along with the federal and state laws of today.


Go eat meat, fornicate, drink and be merry.



So far every question I have brought up can be answered with the word faith.


I am not trying to disprove God I am trying to answer questions that people are afraid to ask.


So many religions are like Christianity in that they instill a moral compass and also create a reason to live. (After all, who would want to take this ideology away?)


As children some of us were raised to believe in the tooth fairy. We than found out it wasn’t real. Followed by Santa and so on and whoever else you believed in. After believing in something whole heartedly and finding out its not true how is it that hard to believe that a superior being, at least one that cares about you, is not true?


I’ve seen a lot of people crumble at the failing prophecies of the church that were deemed credible.


Have you ever seen a miracle that transcended any scientific explanation?


Why would God create the handicapped or the mentally retarded? What about those unable to grasp the concept of Christianity. It is a lot more logical to except the idea that we have evolved.


The bible talks of people who were demonically possessed falling down shaking foaming from the mouth. Today we call these people epileptics, and occurrences seizures.


Throughout time and throughout history the bible has lost its meaning, and in this “hypothetical” case I have created, its need. Today we have fingerprinting, cameras, and other means to deter anyone from uprooting the stability of a civilization. Many Christians who read this may say, “This kid is possessed”, “the devil has a hold on his life” or “he is blinded”. I have spent the first 20 years of my life in complete understanding of Christianity the way my church brainwashed me and is still doing to its children. I have been on six missions trips to Guatemala, Philadelphia twice, Chicago, Honduras and Atlanta and after seeking God Wholeheartedly and even in complete humbleness and 100% faith and obedience I have found this,


The Christian idea survives on people’s emotions, coincidence and fear of death.


I hope and would love if someday I can be proven wrong as it would make living and waking up more easily for me.


Thank you,

Tim Yandow


One Response to “God?”

  1. xalterxegox Says:

    I used to think just like you. It’s easier to question the contradictions of Christianity, and live my life as I please, than to accept this faith and live in the truth.

    Living in a world of sex, drugs, drinking, and all around self gratification is so much easier. And to do so with the cover of “figuring out my faith” made it sound even more scholastic. Maybe even acceptable.
    My life has changed for the better since those days. I embrace my Jesus and have never seen so many empty gaps in my life so filled in by His redeeming grace.

    You say you grew up in the church. Just do me a favor. Think back to those days. How was your life different?
    What was it that stirred you up inside to go on missions trips? Maybe it was the cute girls in youth group, or maybe it was something more.
    When you prayed, when you studied the word, tell me honestly that you never once felt the spirit of God move in you.
    These things cannot be explained away with theory, but that is the very reason that He is God, and we are His creation.

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